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+ What is Cold Brew?

Cold Brew is an extraction method using cold water. The low temperature slows the process right down meaning the flavours are much more gentle and clean. You can cold brew lots of things other than coffee...

+ How do you make cold brew?

With a recipe that only has two ingredients (one of them being water) you can't cut any corners. The first thing we do is to source the best in season green coffee beans (they're green before they're roasted). We then work very closely with a roaster to bring turn that crop into the perfect coffee for cold brewing. We then carefully grind and dose our coffee with the appropriate amount of water. After that its a case of letting the two ingredients spend a night together in private and coming back in t he morning. Easy to make, really hard to make well!

+ How do you achieve 12 months shelf life?

It comes down to a couple of things. The main reason cold brew goes off when it does, even inside a glass bottle, is oxidisation. We work super hard to remove any trace of oxygen from the brewing system. And once it is packed into Tetra Pak it remains totally shut off from oxygen and sunlight. Once brewed, our coffee is also sterilised to guarantee a long and safe drinking time!

+ Is there sugar in your cold brews?

Minor Figures commonly has three times less sugar that iced coffee market. Sweetened with 3 grams of unrefined cane sugar. Simply because it tastes better that way!

+ I am lactose intolerant. Any coffee for me?

Yes! The Black and Coconut are suitable from lactose intolerant, vegan and gluten free.

+ Did you add any naughty things to obtain this longer shelf life?

Unlike some other brands there is no carrageenan in Minor Figures. To make the drink last without using preservatives, the team developed a bespoke brew system. Reverse osmosis (RO) filtered water gets a really clean product. A tiny bit of nitrogen is pumped into the tetra-pack just before it's sealed with foil. That keeps it super fresh with or without a fridge.

+ Are your products certified organic?

All our products are organic with the exception of the Black.

+ Why is the Black not certified organic?

We buy the seasons best coffee from local importers or direct from farms, and microlots. Often this direct path cuts out certification bodies and any middlemen and is a good method to provide highest price direct to farmers themselves. As the Black is our most delicate coffee and we buy only single origin - we require the flexibility to choose the best quality coffee for the drink without limits.

+ Why not glass?

Glass is expensive, inefficient to transport, loads of emobided energy requried to make, and not particularly good for containing something as delicate as cold brew. Due to the low acid - oxidisation is very real issue with cold brew and glass does not provide the stability for the shelf life that we can achieve in tetrapack.

+ Is Cold Brew better for you?

Not as good as an apple…. But pretty good. It is naturally lower acid. Requires no sugar at all. Is an all natural energy boost.

+ How do you source ingredients?

We choose the seasons best of everything - our coffee comes from the best crops of the season, and the other ingredients are sourced locally form the best farms in the UK.

+ Who makes this product?

Minor Figures of course! Unlike all other drink brands that are outsourced to contract packers, Minor Figures is responsible for the cold brew you have in your hand.

+ What is your experience in Coffee?

The three founders have loads of experience in coffee, from café owners, baristas, roasters, designers, and distribution.

+ Why is your logo sunset and birds?

Hey!! They're ducks!! Firstly ducks are just a mega cool animal. Secondly our graphic is subtle tip of the hat to the Kamogawa River "Duck River" in Kyoto Japan where we first drank cold brew coffee many many years ago.

+ What is an acidity regulator?

Unlike other iced coffees - we use freshly roasted and ground coffee, which is a bit too acidic for a nice marriage with dairy. We include trace elements of potassium carbonate to ensure no spoilage when on shelf.

+ I would like to sell Minor Figures in my shop / cafe. Who do I speak to? is your man.